Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ezra Levant comments on Muslim attack on Canadian soldiers

Walt wasn't the only one to take note of the refusal of the Canadian meeja and Toronto police to make any connection between Monday's terrorist attack on a Canadian Armed Forces recruiting centre in Toronto and the religion of the attacker. See "2 Canuck soldiers stabbed by Muslim terrorist ... IN TORONTO!", WWW 14/3/16.

Toronto police chief Saunders had to admit, the next morning that the words uttered by Ayanie Hassan Ali (pictured) that caused the cops so much "concern" were "Allah made me do it!" But, Chief Saunders warned, we'd better not get into "that Islamophobia thing". Wouldn't be politically correct, you know, to mention that Allah is what Muslims call the One God that we supposedly all worship. Mr. Ali is a Muslim. His religion is called Islam. That's the word that no good pro-diversity Canadian will say.

Ezra Levant, of course, is not that kind of Canadian. He is not afraid to call a spade a spade, or a knife-wielding Muslim an Islamic extremist. Here's what Mr. Levant wrote in his blog today, under the heading "Islam: The word Canada’s police and media refuse to say".

Yesterday a 27-year-old Muslim man walked into a Canadian Armed Forces recruiting office in North Toronto and started stabbing soldiers, saying that he was doing it for Allah, the Muslim god. But at a press conference, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders got whiny at the mere suggestion that a Muslim committing terrorism in the name of Islam might be... an Islamic terrorist. It was weird to watch.

This terrorist was born in Canada. But he decided to hate us and kill us, starting with symbols of our country. What did this? Well, the one thing so terrifying that Chief Saunders and the CBC and most of the rest of the media won’t dare even name: Islam.

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