Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Scott Adams explains American politics in one simple diagram

One of my favourite blogs is written by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. He cleverly calls it Scott Adams' Blog. If only I could be so creative and make a fortune being sarcastic about the many deficiencies of our society. (Perhaps "society" isn't quite the right word nowadays, but I digress...)

Yesterday Mr. Adams gave us a little visual lesson on the evolution of American politics from the founding of the Republic to this year's campaign for the presidensity. Here it is.

Click here to read Mr. Adams' explanation.

Further reading: Scott Adams says Naval Ravikant’s essay "American Spring" inspired him. I read it and recommend you do so. Here's one paragraph which strikes me as particularly trenchant.

"The Elite Party runs the system and it basically works. The elite stay elite. Income may be taxed, but wealth compounds. The most belligerent and implacable of the masses are sent to fight in mercifully distant wars. Crime happens in other people’s neighborhoods. The prisons are full and everyone is being watched. The pie expands, slowly and unevenly, and all is well."

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