Friday, December 30, 2016

How Obama fooled the Jews and took their money

This week the Security Council of the (Dis)united Nations voted to condemn the illegal seizure by the Jewish state (Israel) of Palestinian lands in Jerusalem and the occupied Left Bank. Much to the chagrin of the powerful Zionist lobby in Washington, the USA abstained, even though its veto would have defeated the resolution.

The Jews are predictably furious, accusing President 0 and his minion, John Kerry, of betraying them. This after all the Jews did for Obama and the Democrats. Israel's enemies dream of destroying the Jewish state as the first phase of establishing a global caliphate. Now Obama has now encouraged that dream, and the Jews are rending their garments.

The Jewish Federations across North America (JFNA) issued a statement saying it was "deeply disappointed" that the US did not veto the UN motion. The refusal to do so, they said, "undermined a core principle of American foreign policy that has been embraced by Democratic and Republican Administrations for decades." Moreover, they said it was "tragic that the [Obama] Administration chose to mar its legacy of support for the Jewish State and set back the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace."

The Orthodox Union joined the JFNA at the wailing wall, announcing that it was "gravely disappointed" with the Prez. Not vetoing the motion, they said, "undermined his legacy" and was an "unprecedented and deeply disturbing break from the past."

The leaders of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations said that there was "no justification or explanation that validates the United States failure to veto the one-sided, offensive resolution adopted by the Security Council," and that the "United States vote will be seen as a betrayal of the fundamentals of the special relationship" between Israel and America.

One of the loudest cries of anger and anguish came from famed criminal lawyer (((Alan Dershowitz))), a lifelong supporter of the Democratic Party, Barry Obama and, yes, Shrillery Clinton. Mr Dershowitz defended Mr Obama in the court of public opinion when people said the Prez was, if not a practising Muslim, at least an anti-Semite. Now it seems the bromance is over.

In "How Barack Obama fooled the Jews and betrayed them once he had their money" (National Post, 30/12/16), (((Lawrence Solomon))) writes that Mr Dershowitz "finally sees the evidence that had been in plain sight all along, and now understands the extent of Obama's deception. It was 'so nasty. He pulled a bait-and-switch', he says, explaining how Obama in private pretended that it was 'the settlements deep in the West Bank' that were negotiable, not the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem, so core to Judaism and to Israel’s heritage."

Mr Solomon presents another, even more trenchant quote. "'(President Obama) called me into the Oval Office before the election and he said to me, 'Alan, I want your support. And I have to tell you, I will always have Israel's back.' I didn't realize that what he meant was that he'd have (Israel's) back to stab them in the back."

The article goes on to explain that winning Jewish support wasn't especially important to Obama and other Democrats in terms of votes. Jews represent just 2% of the American electorate, so they don't count for much at the ballot box. But Jews are huuugely important — even decisive — when it comes to political donations. The Jews are overwhelmingly liberal, and their 2% of the voting population accounts for about two-thirds of all donations received by the Democratic Party. Putting it another way, Jews donate twice as much to Democrats as the 98% of voters who are non-Jews.

The importance of Jewish money to Democratic fortunes (Mr Solomon writes) explains why Mr Obama waited to make his moves against Israel until after his two presidential campaigns and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, who he hoped would preserve his legacy. If Jews had understood his real intentions toward Israel, Mr Obama knew, they would have stopped writing cheques.

Walt predicts that it will take the Democrats at least a generation to recover from B. Hussein Obama's betrayal of their rich and powerful Zionist benefactors. Jews don’t like being made fools of, especially in public, especially by someone of Mr Obama's complexion!

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