Thursday, December 22, 2016

A typical Canadian scene

Agent 34 sent us this picture from a place called Stony Plain, in the western part of Canuckistan.

Yep, it's a Zamboni [an ice-surfacing machine. Ed.] being driven through the local Tim Hortons [Americans call it a "coffee and bake shop". Ed.] by Jesse Myshak, a typical hoser [Canadian. Ed.] Mr Myshak was at his shop on Tuesday, working on the new toy he bought to flood his rink in his backyard. [Some people have swimming pools. Canucks have ice rinks. Ed.]

He finished whipping it into working order and was ready to take it to his home, nearly two miles away. Mr Myshak, being a practical man, told CBC News, "I figured I'd just drive it home. Guys at work were kind of laughing after I was driving home. [They said] to drive through Timmies and get a coffee," and that's just what he did. End of

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