Monday, December 19, 2016

Martin Sheen, Ashley McMillan, Alex Hamilton and the Electoral College

In a few hours the Electoral College meets to finalize and formalize the election of Donald Trump as 45th president of the Paranoid States of America. For the benefit of non-American readers, Walt should explain that although US voters mark their ballots [or pull their levers. Ed.] for the candidate of their choice, the popular vote doesn't decide the issue directly. The popular vote in each state determines which party wins the right to send that state's electors to Washington for the real election, which is today.

That's what the Democrats (and the celebrities, the lamestream media, the globalists, the liberal elites) are pissing and moaning about. Shrillery Clinton got more of the popular vote than The Donald, but because her votes were concentrated in New York and (naturally) Lalaland, Mr Trump won enough of the flyover states -- where the real people are -- to gain a comfortable majority of votes in the Electoral College.

Unless, of course, some of the Republicans who are pledged to vote for their party's candidate can be persuaded to change their mind. That's where "the Hamilton Electors" come in. [Who they? Ed.] They're a small group of rogue electors led by Bret Chiafalo, a Democrat (naturally) from Washington (state). They cite an essay by Alexander Hamilton (currently starring in a Broadway musical) which states that there should be a "moral certainty that the office of president will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications." Since La Clinton is allegedly a woman, their use of that passage would seem to be directed against President-elect Trump, and so it is.

Mr Chiafalo and his buddies have called a Hail Mary, urging Republican electors to ignore their pledges and cast their votes for anyone except the Donald. If Mr Trump falls short of winning a majority (270) of the electoral votes, it would fall to the House of Representatives to choose the next president. The Hamilton Group seems to have forgotten that the Republicans have a majority in the the House. But hey, that's their plan. Gives the lamestream media something to talk about during this slow news week.

The Hamilton Group are not alone in this foolishness. A group of Hollywood celebs have come out with their own last-ditch bid to convince electors to vote "anyone but Trump" today. You may have seen the video, featuring Martin Sheen, well-known as a Hellery supporter and contributor to the Dems' campaign. Mr Sheen played fictitious President Josiah Barlett on The West Wing, so he's obviously the go-to guy whenit comes to deciding who's fit to be president.

Mr Sheen's "actor-vist" group has some egg on its collective face this morning, following the public airing of a personalized video addressed to "Mr Ashley McMillan" one of the Kansas electors pledged to vote Republican. In the video [removed from YouTube of we'd have it for you. Ed.] to follow the example of America's Founding Fathers, and become one of the 37 electors who would have to go back on their pledges in order to throw the election into the House.

Just one problem with that pitch: "Ashley McMillan" isn't a man.! The Kansas elector is Ashley McMillan Hutchinson, vice-chair of the Kansas GOP. Interviewed by The Daily Caller, she said, "It’s my job to represent the people of Kansas on Monday. It was Martin Sheen's job to get my name right. He failed. I won't." Ms McMillan plans to vote for President-elect Trump.

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