Monday, December 5, 2016

VIDEO: "Génération Identitaire" declares war on immigration, multiculturalism, globalism

From Europe this weekend, we're getting mixed signals as to the appeal of right-wing populism.

In yesterday's rerun of the rigged presidential election earlier this year, Austrian Freedom Party candidate Norbert Hofer lost to the Green Party's Alexander Van der Bellen by a margin of about 5%. No recount is being demanded. It seems that many Austrian voters are still fearful of being labelled "neo-Nazis", so have decided to sell out their country and their culture to the forces of globalism and multiculturalism. But, since the presidency of Austria is only a ceremonial position, this temporary setback doesn't matter all that much.

There's better news from Italy. Pinkish Prime Minister Matteo Renzi yesterday announced he would resign, following a stinging defeat on his proposals for constitutional reform. His defeat is seen as a body blow to a European Union already reeling under anti-establishment anger that led to Brexit -- the shock exit of UK from the club in June.

Mark Willis, head of an investment consultancy, told Thomson Reuters, "It's not very hard to see a new election, and it's not very hard to see the [opposition] 5-Star Movement taking power and they've basically said they want to get out of either the European Union or the euro or both. For Italy, establishing stable governance and a plan to guide the nation is of critical importance given the fragility of the economy, challenging policies and the liquidity problems in the banking system."

Next to France, where even-more-pinkish Président François Hollande said last week he would not seek re-election next year. M Hollande is the least popular president in the history of any of the French Republics. His decision to not face the people again is the first time in history that a French president has bailed rather than let the people of France judge him on his record.

To understand why M Hollande shrinks from running again, Walt presents an old video, first posted in October 2012, then banned from YouTube for a time (although it has now reappeared). This is a "Declaration of War", posted as a kind of founding document by members of Génération Identitaire -- young, white, Europeans agitating in France and across the continent against immigration and Islam, and for a future rooted deep in Europe's white Christian past.

As an older person proud of his European ancestry, I never fail to be inspired and encouraged by this video. It gives me hope for the youth of Europe. I just hope that the youth of North America will be long in catching up. There are English subtitles for those who don't understand the language of Molière.

À voir: Marche Génération Identitaire "On est chez Nous", à Paris, 28/5/16.

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