Sunday, May 1, 2016

Only a minority of Canadians "positive on immigration"

"Racial nationalism"... See "The real reasons millions of Americans are voting for Donald Trump". The last point in Walt's post was that it's not just race, but economics that drives the opposition to immigration which prompts millions of Americans to support The Donald. If the migrants from Mexico or wherever were rich, and would make a financial contribution (in the form of taxes) to the country, they'd be more welcome than those whose first words on crossing the border are "Which way to the welfare office?"

It's not just Americans who feel this way. On May 1st we posted a video report from the Calgary Sun on attitudes to immigration and immigrants in Canada and other countries. The gist of it was that only a minority of Canadians were in favour of bringing more immigrants into the Great Not-so-white North. An alert reader pointed out to us yesterday (May 5th) that the video first appeared in the summer of 2011! Since attitudes have presumably changed since then -- the Liberal Canuck government keeps saying that its subjects are delighted to "welcome" 25,000 (and counting) Syrian "refugees" -- we've deleted the video. We'll give you current figures when they're published on the CBC or when hell freezes over, whichever first occurs.

Meanwhile, if you want to see "Anti-immigration nation?", as it appeared on 8/8/11, just click here!

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