Friday, May 6, 2016

The real reasons millions of Americans are voting for Trump - Part II

On Mayday (Mayday! Mayday!) Walt passed along the opinion of Globe and Mail columnist Doug Saunders as to why Americans -- millions of them -- are voting for Donald Trump. Mr Saunders put it down to "racial nationalism", a nice turn of phrase which doesn't quite call Trumpeters "racists". But there are other reasons for supporting The Donald, as disclosed in a Public Religion Research Institute poll, the highlights of which you'll find in the same post.

Today I want to share the explanation given by Doug Casey, whose blog is called International Man. His take on the current crop of would-be presidents, and why he believes most Americans will vote for Mr Trump was originally posted on April 14th. Here's the conclusion of his analysis.

"America, which was much more a concept than a place, is long gone. What's left of the white middle class correctly feel they're losing what's left of the U.S. Their children are being both bankrupted and corrupted by politically correct schooling. To them, the society appears to have been captured by gender feminism, LGBT preferences, and racial quotas. And I'd say they're basically right.

"That's why, even if they won't admit it out loud, most Americans (hard-core Democrats excepted, of course), will vote for Trump."

Sounds right to me. In fact it sounds a lot like what Dr Hunter S. Thompson and Rick Perlstein predicted years and years ago.

Footnote about Doug Casey: Anyone who is an admirer of Ron Paul and quotes H.L. Mencken is OK in Walt's books!

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  1. Eric Margolis writes: Trump...threatens three of the nation’s most sacred cows: 1. imperial war-making, the American Empire, and the military industrial complex; 2. the vast power of Wall Street and its shameful tax breaks; 3. the Israel lobby and its undue influence over US foreign policy. No wonder his candidacy has produced so much fierce opposition and cries of anguish.