Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Liberals move to enshrine LGBTQ(etc) rights in Canadian law

Yesterday was Be Nice To Transgendered Folks Day, or something like that, in Canada. The Canuck Prime Minister of Photo Ops, a flaming heterosexual, posed for numerous selfies with persons of indeterminate gender. And the Premier of Ontario, the first openly lesbian head of government in North America [perhaps the world? Ed.] got together with her husband... no... wife... no... [try "spouse". Ed.] got together with members of the loving LGBTQ2S community for a family portrait. Here `tis.

One of Walt's assiduous Ontarian readers sent the pic along with this note:
For all my friends who live outside of Canada, the person in blue is the Liberal Premier of the Canadian Province of Ontario.
The Person in grey and white is the "wife" of the Liberal Premier of the Canadian Province of Ontario. 
As for the rest of "The Family" - no comment!
I promise I will never laugh at California again!
Ontario's first family -- really brings a tear to your eye doesn't it!

Well, no. Walt's are quite dry. Had they been misted over, I would have missed the news that, to mark BNTTF Day (or whatever it was), Canada's Liberal government introduced in Parliament a bill, C-16, to add "gender identity" to that country's assorted human rights acts and codes, so that poor oppressed people who aren't happy with the way God made them can change to "the other" without fear of not being able to get a job or a house or a seat in the women's washroom!

Agent 3 points out that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation has been illegal in Canada for years, but apparently the laws didn't specifically mention the transgendered crowd, so Bill C-16 is going to remedy that omission. There will be no "bathroom laws" in Canada, so everybody's happy now, except perhaps normal people. But who [or what. Ed.] is "normal" these days?

Further reading: "Sorry, Liberals, But Gender Is Not a 'Social Construct'", Conservative Read, 17/5/16.

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