Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Amazing! Vatican cardinal calls for conversion of Muslims (but not Jews)

Walt hasn't written much lately about the crisis in the Roman Catholic Church because there is such turmoil over homosexuality, paedophilia, the admission of divorced-and-remarried Catholics to the sacraments etc. that it's hard to focus on just one issue. Some Traditional Catholics are close to committing the sin of despair as they watch Pope Francis the Humble lead the faithful away from the truths that the Church held for 1900+ years, until the disaster of Vatican II.

One of the things that we were taught, back in the day, was that we should go forth and preach the Gospel of Christ to all nations. We were called to proselytize, to seek the conversion of non-believers, including the Jews who refused to accept that the Messiah had come. Indeed we used to pray for the conversion of the Jews and the heathens as part of our Good Friday liturgy. But no more.

Now the "Holy Father" delights in sitting down, even kneeling down with imams and muftis and rabbis and the leaders of other "faith communities", which, he tells us, are co-equal with what we believed to be the One True Faith. After all, we're told, we all pray to the same God, no matter whether we call him Jehovah or Yahweh or Allah. And all faiths can lead us to Heaven, if there is a heaven, because we don't really believe in Hell anyway. That kind of thinking is called Syncretism or Indifferentism. And it is heresy! Every day, Pope Francis leads us deeper and deeper into heresy!

Thus is came as something of a shock to read news of a recent pronouncement by Kurt Cardinal Koch, who, as President of the Pontifical Council for Christian University, is the Batican's point man on the "ecumenical relations" file. At an interfaith meeting in Cambridge, Cardinal Koch said... wait for it... that Christians are called to seek the conversion of all Muslims!

“We have a mission to convert all non-Christian religions' people," said the prelate, adding that this imperative extends even to jihadis responsible for persecuting Christians in the Middle East. My immediate reaction: Does the Pope know about this? Cardinal Koch is supposed to be one of Francis' closest advisors, yet he seems to be contradicting the false ecumenism that the Pope has been preaching almost since Day One of his pontificate.

In the very next breath, though, Cardinal Koch made an exception for the Jews. The duty to evangelize applies to all Christians in their relations with all other faiths, he said, except Judaism. He acknowledged that Christians share with both Jews and Muslims a reverence for the traditions of faith handed down from Abraham. But he said that "we cannot deny that the view of Abraham in Jewish and Christian tradition and the Islamic tradition is not the same." While Christians acknowledge the covenant God made with the Jewish people, the same cannot be said of the Islamic faith. Thus, he explained, "we have only with Jewish people this unique relationship that we do not have with Islam." So leave the Jews alone, then.

As a Traditional Catholic, Walt is all for reaching out to non-believers, including Muslims and Jews. But I'll go a step further and suggest that we start with the modernist, post-conciliar bishops (including the Bishop of Rome) and priests who seem to have lost their grip on the tenets of the Faith of our fathers. Grab your Baltimore Catechisms, boys, and get out there and make those converts!

Footnote: You'll be interested (if not pleased) to know that all of the 499 Syrians who have been granted refugee status in the USA so far this month are Muslims, according to the CNSNews service. Not a single Christian has been granted that status. Since the beginning of the current fiscal year, 2235 Syrian refugees have been welcomed (sort of) into America. Just 10 of them -- less than one-half of 1% -- have been Christians. There's no need, then, to leave the USA to find Muslims to convert!

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