Friday, May 13, 2016

UPDATED: Toronto school board blinks on sex ed curriculum

Well, maybe not the Ontario Ministry of Education (Lez Sandals, prop.) so much as the Toronto District School Board, more particularly Thorncliffe Park Public School, in the heart of Toronto's Muslim ghetto. In theory at least, Muslims take a dim view of homosexuality, gender fluidity, masturbation and the other perversions being inculcated into the minds of children as young as six (6) by the Liberal government's new sex education curriculum.

Regular readers of WWW will remember that when the curriculum was reintroduced -- after being shelved by then-premier Dalton McGuinty following an outcry from some religious groups -- it was hailed by Ms Sandals and her boss, proudly lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne, as a necessary update for decades-old materials that did not address "the realities of children’s lives today". The ladies (?) recognized, though, that there would be opposition to the curriculum's pro-queer agenda. Ms Sandals said "I anticipate there will be members of various religions who may object to one thing or another...but the curriculum is the curriculum that will be taught in Ontario schools."

Well yes... unless the objectors happen to be Muslims. It's OK to push immoral nonsense into the Catholic schools, because the Catholics themselves don't know what to believe any more. But no bien pensant Canadian politician wants to offend Muslims! So there was much soiling of silks at Queen's Park last September when hundreds of Muslim kids were kept out of Thorncliffe Park PS in protest against the very explicit material which is to be taught.

Fast forward to this week, when the first lessons in anatomy were due to be taught. The curriculum calls for children in Grade 1 -- yes, Grade 1, age 6 -- to be taught the correct names for what Mr. Bookman* called "peepees" and "weewees" and "wawas". Thorncliffe Park Principal Jeff Crane told the meeja today that because "a number of parents" (sounds better than "hundreds") had concerns about their children being taught the words "penis" and "vagina", the school decided to offer a class where teachers covered the key issue of inappropriate touching without being specific about body parts. The idea, the educator said, was to keep kids in school this week and at least learn some of the curriculum.

"We let parents know ahead of time when the health strands for human development were being taught and, for Grade 1, that there would be one lesson where there would be discussion of body parts," he said. "They were told if learning the names of genitalia was a concern, they could write me a letter requesting a religious accommodation."

What Mr. Crane did not say was that (1) almost all of the parents requesting the "religious accomodation" are Muslim, and (2) Thorncliffe Park Public School is located in the riding represented by Premier Wynne. No pressure, then. Yet Mr. Crane held 20 sessions with more than 650 parents to go over the curriculum and to "counter misinformation circulating in the community".

In the result, about 60% of Thorncliffe Park's 300 Grade 1 students were taught the explicit curriculum, with the remaining 40% getting what Mr. Crane called "the sanitized version". Will the same choice be extended to parents at other schools in places like Markham (high concentration of Chinese) or Mississauga and Brampton (predominantly south Asian)? And what about the Catholics who are asking for the new curriculum to be adjusted to teach "sex education from a Catholic perspective"? Will any further changes be made to the liberal secular humanist propaganda? Stay tuned!

* Note from Ed.: If you don't remember Mr. Bookman, go to YouTube and search "Seinfeld + Bookman".

UPDATED 26/5/16 with some further reading: "Trustee says drop in TDSB enrolment due in part to sex ed changes", (Toronto Star 26/5/16). Finally they admit it!

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