Monday, July 28, 2014

69 years later

Someone sent us a chain e-mail being circulated on the Internet by "friends of Israel" and others being taken in by the pro-Israel spewings of Jewish propaganda machine ["mainstream press", surely! Ed.] It begs us to make sure the world never forgets the Holocaust, and to pass it on so that it reaches 40 million people.

NO. Walt will not be passing it on, and will not even say "sorry".

As regards the massacre unfolding in Gaza, I have no sympathy for Hamas, and even less for the Israelis. Israel was created by the United Nations because the Western nations felt guilty about the Holocaust, so decided to give the Jews their "promised land". But of course they didn't give away their land. No. Instead they took some land from poor ignorant Arabs -- the Palestinians -- and said, hey, you have to share this with the Jews because they used to live here before they got smart and moved to Europe, besides which "we" owe them...for the Holocaust, you know.

Have you ever tried sharing anything with a Jew? The Jews occupied the best parts of the territory they were given, then, not satisfied, occupied the West Bank, the Golan Heights, Gaza and the Sinai peninsula during the Six Day War of 1967. About 90 seconds after moving into the Sinai, they discovered there was nothing there but sand, so gave it back to the Egyptians.

Richard Gwyn tells us, in Nationalism Without Walls (McClelland and Stewart, 1995) that there are two kinds of "nations". One is a "state nation", in which the rights and responsibilities of citizenship are extended, more or less, equally, to all citizens regardless of colour, ethnicity, creed (etc etc). Almost all of the countries of North America and Europe [and Australasia! Ed.] fit that definition.

The other kind is the "ethnic nation", which is composed of people of a certain ethnicity/colour/creed, and in which people not of that ethnicity/colour/creed are second-class citizens in fact if not in law. The ethnic nation may exist only in the minds of its people (like Québec), or it may have sovereignty over a defined piece of territory... like Israel. No matter what the UN may have intended, Israel is the land of the Jews, not the Muslim Palestinians, just as Pakistan is the land of Muslims, not Hindus or Christians.

When Iran calls Israel "the Zionist entity", it is stating a fact which gets ignored in all the breast-beating and hand-wringing over Western liberal guilt about the Holocaust, and Israel's "right" to defend itself and its "promised land". The Jews tell us that God gave Israel to them -- just them -- but apparently He didn't make a very good job of it, so now it's their right to "defend" it. And if a few hundred Muslim civilians get taken out, well, that's because they won't get out of the way.

Walt wishes the Jewish propaganda machine -- read "lamestream media" -- would spare us these endless appeals to guilt and the culture of the victim. The body count, last time I looked, was about 20 to 1. That's 20 dead Palestinian Muslims (mostly civilians) for every dead Israeli Jew (mostly soldiers). If there's a Holocaust to be remembered, it's the one going on in Gaza right now.

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  1. A couple of points to this convoluted history.
    When they moved back into the Holy Land they ran the existing Arabs out at gun point and took their homes and businesses without compensation as memory serves. Right of return? Forgedaboutit.
    Yes, they have blockaded the Palestinians because they were sending bombers into Israel! Enough is enough!
    The Palestinians have previously been run out of Jordan and Lebanon for being trouble makers, again if memory serves.
    The bible says God gave them this land? Well what about native Americans or Mexico in what is now Texas?
    Have ever dealt with Jews? Yes, every time I had to go to small claims to get paid it was a Jewish owner when you dug through the names in front.
    P.S. Oh yes the settlements, which the U.N. has condemned, they don’t care with their arrogance.