Thursday, July 3, 2014

VIDEO: Canuck astronaut sings about Canada (?)

Thanks to the Internet, we can send things at the speed of light, but that doesn't mean the receiver is going to see them. This video would have been appropriate for Canada Day, but Walt didn't open it until yesterday -- a day late [and a dollar usual. Ed. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield -- the one with the moustache -- and his brother Dave sing to us about all that's great in the Great White North. Enjoyable.

Just one thing, though... Walt wonders how the Hadfields had the cojones to make up and put up a video about Canada that does not show even one (1) vizmin, turban or hijab. "In Canada" shows the country the way Walt remembers it, but my Canadian agents (including the one who sent this to us) tell me it's not like that any more -- at least not if you live in "Greater" Toronto or Vancouver or even Montréal. Not officially, anyway. Officially, Canada is just one big, happy and harmonious rainbow nation. Yeah, right!

I guess Chris Hadfield doesn't have any political ambitions. Thanks all the same to the Hadfield family for bringing back good memories.

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