Tuesday, July 29, 2014

6 fundamental questions about immigration

Immigration -- legal and illegal -- and the backlash against it continues to make news in the ABC countries: America, Britain and Canada. [And don't forget Australia! Ed.] For decades now, popular opinion in all four countries -- OK, Ed.? -- as well as all of Europe is overwhelmingly against continuing to allow 1000s and 1000s of illiterate, unskilled, unwashed Third World migrants to head straight from wherever they land to the welfare office. But do our political "leaders" listen? NO!

The politicians keep telling us that immigration is good! Immigrants don't steal jobs, we're told; they create jobs. And they prevent the hollowing-out of our city cores. And they bring us the benefits of multiculturalism and diversity, not to mention ideas about how our decadent society can be improved...by imposing Sharia law, for instance. Those of us who stand up and holler "BULLSHIT!" are branded cold-hearted racists.

And yet, to the consternation of progressive thinkers and the lamestream media, people are daring to ask questions. We're not getting answers, but at least the questions are being asked. Here, in Walt's paraphrase, are some root-and-branch questions written way back in 1992 by Daniel Stoffman, a Canadian journalist, as quoted and expanded on in Nationalism Without Walls, by Richard Gwyn(McClelland & Stewart, 1995).*

- Are newcomers actually bringing with them the kinds of talents and skills the country needs?
- If so, why is the intake comprised largely of "self-selected" immigrants who do not speak our language(s) nor command more than minimal education or skills?
- Does our country any longer actually need more people to fill up its empty spaces?
- What is immigration actually for?
- Is it really any longer in the control of the authorities when so many immigrants are "self-selected"?
And the most fundamental question of all:
- Has an immigration policy for our country somehow got turned topsy-turvy into an immigration policy for immigrants?

Walt suggests that you print out those questions and keep them handy. It won't be long until a politician, or his/her minion, comes knocking at your door, looking for your vote. Demand answers!

* Footnote and recommendation: This is the second time this week Walt has mentioned Nationalism Without Walls. The book was written by a Canadian for Canadians. Readers in America, Australia and Britain can skip over the sections about Québec and the threat of separatism (now greatly diminished) but should find the chapters on the pitfalls of official multiculturalism and massive immigration hugely relevant, even more so now than when they were written. Walt recommends it unreservedly.

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