Sunday, August 13, 2017

VIDEO: What really happened at Charlottesville

The lamestream media have been falling all over themselves to blame President Trump for this weekend's protest/riot/driveover at Charlottesville VA. Mr Trump has been criticized, even by Republicans such as slimeball Marco Rubio, for saying that there was hate and bigotry "from many sides". Yet that was clearly the case, as anyone who's watched the video must realize.

For the record, Walt was not there, except in spirit. Faith Goldy was. In this video she talks to Stefan Molyneux about what she saw, and the double standard which is being applied by the politically correct media and politicians. The issue here is freedom of speech. The white nationalists had a permit for their protest. The BLMers did not. But only the white protesters were harassed by the police. The "counter-protesters" were left alone. Leftist thugs attacked the protesters and it was then, and only then, that the "authorities" declared a state of emergency.

Comment on YouTube from "August Caesar": The Alt Right showed up to peacefully protest, then the left attacked. Now the government is blaming the Alt Right. It's official, the government hates white people.

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