Tuesday, August 8, 2017

VIDEO: Dogs going to church... or vice versa? Francis vs Trump

Pope Francis doesn't like Donald Trump. Could it be because the President gets more media attention than Francis the Humble? Noooo. It's because the President of the Excited States of America poses a hyuge threat to the plans of the Pope and George Soros to impose a New World Order of the humanity in general and the Roman Catholic Church in particular.

The Unholy Father has no wish to see the values of Christianity and freedom triumph. Forget about religion and democracy. Francis' vision is of a world run on the "principles" of socialism and secular humanism.

Keep this in mind as you read "Pope Francis attacks conservative Catholics - and Trump?", an article by John Moody, which appeared on the Fox News website today. John Moody is Executive Vice President and Executive Editor of Fox News. A former Rome bureau chief for Time magazine, he is the author of four books including Pope John Paul II: Biography. Walt is taking the liberty of reposting the entire piece.

Someone brought a dog to mass at my parish this weekend. It lay smack in the middle of the main aisle, forcing parishioners to edge around it. No one said anything, but the symbolism was not lost on some in attendance: dogs may be going to church, but the universal Roman Catholic Church is going to the dogs.

Under Pope Francis, the church has abandoned many of its bedrock positions on issues like divorce and homosexuality in favor of a “why not?” attitude. Francis has scolded people for being rich, sided with illegal immigrants, and suggested the church should be a refuge for the poor.

He has sidelined conservative cardinals, installed like-minded allies in key jobs, taken personal control of the Knights of Malta for defying him, and generally sent the signal that behind his amiable smile and humble talk lurks a radically liberal agenda.

The latest example of the pope’s blueprint for the future is contained in an article penned by two of his closest confidantes. They believe that conservative Catholics in the United States have formed a coalition with Evangelical Protestants to push Donald Trump’s agenda, which the authors call a "Manichean vision". The article, in the Jesuit publication La Civiltà Cattolica, could not have been printed without Francis' knowledge and approval.

"This pope does not like the culture war," says Robert Royal, president of the Faith and Reason Institute and a commentator on the Catholic network EWTN. "The real tragedy is they’re trying to discredit some types of religious action in the public square, while they are very active in advocating for the environment, immigrants and stopping human trafficking."

Francis can run the church any way he wants. But demonizing conservative American Catholics is a risky business. They have deep pockets and long memories.

It is, in the end, a dog eat dog world – and church.

If you haven't heard about the article in La Civiltà Cattolica to which Mr Moody refers, or are otherwise unsure what all the fuss was about, check out the Fox News video which accompanies the article. If you're a traditional Catholic or evangelical Christian, be prepared to be offended.

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