Saturday, August 12, 2017

North Korea's Plan B to nuke the USA

Thanks to one of my agents who can't be numbered, let alone, named, I am able to reveal Kim Jong-un's secret Plan B to devastate the Excited States of America with nuclear weapons, even if his ICBM's don't live up their advance billing. Ready?

North Korea is planning to place 20 nuclear bombs in leather suitcases and check them in as baggage on airliners bound for 20 different American cities, where triggers which are sensitive to changes in air pressure will cause them to explode when they get under 1000 feet.

This has been done before. The only flaw in the plan (which the Commies haven't realized yet) is that they will have to import the leather suitcases from China. The bags the Chinese send them will be found to be fake.

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