Sunday, August 6, 2017

VIDEO: "Canada is open!" comes back to bite Junior Trudeau

How President Trump must be laughing! Back in January, with a couple of days of being sworn in, he made good on his promise to cut illegal immigration and send all the bogus refugee claimants, asylum-seekers and criminal trash back where they came from. Much hand-wringing ensued, amongst the chattering classes in the New York-Washington-Los Angeles corridor. If all the illegal aliens were deported, who would clean their toilets, mow their lawns and diaper their kids? The illegals themselves went into panic mode until a white knight (pun intended) took the stage, in the form of Canuck Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, son and heir of PET Himself. "Canada is open!", he told the world. "Send us your huddled masses, your filth, your scum. We'll take all comers!"

Canada already had the reputation of lying prostrate with her legs open (so to speak), offering "refugees" and other invaders free housing, free medical care (including dental care which Canadians have to pay for), free education... hell, free everything! The trouble was it was so damned hard to get to. And it's cold too! So lassitude led a lot of the illegals who had already made it to the Land of the Free -- the one south of the 49th parallel -- to stay right where they were. Until President Trump started signing executive orders. Then, suddenly, Canada started to look pretty attractive, in spite of the cold.

There's nothing colder than a prairie winter, the frostbacks say. (And remember, "Don't eat the yellow snow!") That notwithstanding, this past March saw what the Canuck government called "a bit of a spike" in the number of "refugees" crossing the undefended border at places like Emerson MB. See "100s of Muslim invaders pour through swiss cheese-like Canuck border", WWW 6/3/17.

They were Africans -- Somalis, Ghanaians and the like -- fleeing the privations of... wait for it... Minnesota. A couple lost fingers and toes due to frostbite. One Ghanaian lady froze to death in a ditch. The denizens of Emerson grumbled a little bit and called on M Trudeau for help which never came -- no photo ops there -- but Emersonians didn't worry too much because they knew the unwanted guests would be heading for Toronto soon enough. Public opinion in Canada as a hole [Watch it! Ed.] was strongly in favour of turning back the illegals, but Trudeau's Liberal government paid no attention.

TheRebel's Brian Lilley, featured in this video, was one of those (including Walt) who said "Just wait until summer when the weather gets better." Sure enough, March's trickle has become a flood, not at Emerson, but at the small Québec border town of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, where the scabrous masses are crossing the ditch which marks the border at the rate of 150 per day. That's according to the government. RCMP and border security agents say (off the record) that the real rate is double that.

To be clear, what these "asylum-seekers" -- mostly Haitians this time -- are doing is illegal. RCMP officers stationed at the ditch dutifully shout out warnings that this is an illegal border crossing and that anyone attempting to enter Canada will be arrested. The warnings are immediately ignored, because the entire point of this trek is to get arrested, to get out of the American immigration system and into the Canadian one, where their cases will take years to be heard, while the claimants suck on the Canuck tit the whole time.

The oh-so-polite mounties help the "migrants" with their designer luggage and herd them aboard the bus which shuttles back and forth, 24/7, between the border and Montréal's Olympic Stadium -- the infamous "Big Owe" -- where they are put up until "permanent accommodation" (!) can be found. That's a telling phrase, coming from the mouth of Québec's Minister of Immigration, for it gives the lie to the Liberal fiction that not all of the invaders will be allowed to stay.

Over 50% of these bogus refugee claims are rejected, the government says. Let's do the math. 150 border-jumpers per day (at Lacolle alone) X 365 days a year X 50% means over 100,000 unemployed, unskilled and unwelcome "newcomers" will have been admitted to the Not-so-great, Not-so-white North in 2017. As Brian Lilley warns in his "I told you so" video, this will not end well for Canada and real Canadians.

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