Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Where's Walto?

Apologies for the silence of the last couple of days. Walt has been following two major stories, neither of which has come to a conclusion, satisfactory or otherwise:

- The conflict in the Ukraine: Is NATO/the USA/the West actually going to do something concrete to stop Russian expansionism? Walt doubts it, and really doesn't want to be proven wrong. On the other hand... maybe there is no other hand.

- The search for MH370: Last week's optimism gives way to cynicism, if not despair. The American military is conspicuous by its silence and apparent disinterest. Has anyone asked for a tour of Diego Garcia yet?

Agent 34 brought my mind back to these and other matters of the here and now by forwarding this picture from the National Safety Council, which he says should have accompanied "SWAT teams abuse your rights -- 1000s of times a year!" Indeed.

And that's all for this time. Goodnight, Cordelia Weatherbee, whoever you are.

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