Thursday, April 10, 2014

PHOTO GALLERY: The Holy Land in the 19th century

Next week is Holy Week, the prelude to the most important date in the Christian calendar -- Easter Sunday.

When we think of the Holy Land now, we get images in our mind of a crowded, dangerous, strife-torn place, not the kind of place you'd go to contemplate the events and mysteries of the Faith. So it is today, and it has been so in the past, but not always. Thanks to Agent 6 for sending us the link to "Gorgeous Pictures Of The Holy Land From 120 Years Ago"

Presented by the Business Insider website, this is a gallery of hand-coloured picture postcards from Palestine, Lebanon, Samaria and that region, which looked much the same in the late 19th century as they did in the time when Our Lord Jesus Christ walked among us. As you look at the pictures, let your mind dwell on thoughts of peace.

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