Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Waiting for the red shoe(s) to drop

Dear readers, I hope you don't expect much of Walt until at least tomorrow. As I write, the cardinals are just beginning to cast their first ballot to choose the next pope.

In the last 48  hours I've heard at least a dozen different news reports from a dozen different sources, all speculating on which princes of the Church might  be considered front-runners. The same names keep coming up, but no-one dares to say Cardinal Whosis or Cardinal Dunnohim has a lock on it.

Some of Walt's people are in Rome but they are no closer to knowing the likely outcome than am I, sitting here on the outskirts of Fort Mudge. I have a sentimental favourite, of course, and am praying against at least two of the named front-runners. And I can't see anyone -- not one -- who would be even faintly likely to return the Church to the paths of Tradition.

I will write more when I have something to say.

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