Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hamilton's Hillbilly Heaven draws flak over flag

Walt’s recommendation, a few weeks ago, of Hillybilly Heaven -- the Hamilton, Ontario southern BBQ restaurant -- drew a lot of interest. So did articles like this one in the lamestream media whining that someone should have the effrontery to put up signs saying he doesn’t serve "ethnic food" or "celebrate diversity". Business is picking up.

In fact, business is so good that owner Cameron Bailey is opening a second location on King Street East at Walnut Street North, in Hamilton's so-called International Village. (The original restaurant is still serving food for white folks at 647 Upper James Street, at the corner of Fennell.)

They've got some nice new signs, of course, featuring a symbol that shows clearly what Mr. Bailey and his establishment are all about.
(This photo by Glenn Lowson originally appeared in the National Post.)

Yessiree Bob, it's the Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America, known as "the Rebel Flag" for just over 150 years. To Mr. Bailey, the flag represents working class values, and the fight to protect a way of life.

Needless to say, the multiculti gang, leaders of the "diversity industry" and other "progressive thinkers" are up in arms. Many wrote letters to the city, and of course protests are planned for the second Hillbilly Heaven's grand opening later this month.

Is Mr. Bailey concerned? No way! "Is it against the law?" he asks. "No. Then no one should be complaining. If you want it to come down, take me to court and make it against the law. But until that's the case, I'm not doing anything wrong."

Chris Schafer, the executive director of the Alberta-based Canadian Constitution Foundation, told the National Post that as long as Mr. Bailey is not denying service to anyone, he has every right to post the Confederate flag over the door of his business.   "By putting a Confederate flag up, beyond the fact that it doesn't have...meaning necessarily in Canada, if it's bad for business let the business owner suffer the consequences of going out of business," he said.

That's pretty much what Mr. Bailey thinks. "That's how it works in this country. If you don't like something, don't buy it." Walt cannot but agree.

Footnote: Hillbilly Heaven now has its own website. Click here to see it. And if you go for some great BBQ, tell `em Walt sent ya!

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