Thursday, March 7, 2013

Indian chief wins award for biggest snout in the trough

Pictured here with his good buddy "Call me Steve" Harper is a First Nation chief (formerly known as an Indian chief) who earns more Harpoon himself, thus winning the Canadian Taxpayers Federation 15th annual Teddy Award.

What's award-worthy about the chief's salary of $194,737? For one thing, the CTF calculates that sum would have the purchasing power of $317,583 if the chief were living off his Standing Buffalo reserve and had to pay taxes like other Canucks.

And checking the numbers, Harper is responsible (in theory) for the wellbeing of over 30 million other Canucks. The Standing Buffalo reserve -- it's in Saskatchewan, by the way -- is home to just 443 First Nations people (formerly known as Indians).

"While Robin Hood remains famous for his heroic efforts to steal from abusive tax collectors on behalf of local citizens, [the chief] collects from taxpayers and keeps the money for himself," the CTF said in a release.

Footnote: The CTF also says each of the Standing Buffalo band councillors earns more than the premier of Saskatchewan.

Further footnote: The chief's name is... wait for it... Roger Redman. No kidding.

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  1. I happen to know this place and this man personally, and although he may have been embezzling money, there's no way he could have gotten as much as the prime minister. Think about it that was just published by the conservative backed sun news to distract people from the relevance of the Idle No More movement and actions by the chief Theresa Spence. Every reserve and chief in Canada is unique and ran differently. In the immediate vicinity to Standing Buffalo is Pasqua who has had transparent spending since the 90's and have successfully beaten the Fedral and Provincial governments in court. And Little Black Bear, the first reserve to open a Tim Hortons. Anyone who believes this garbage is a tabloid believing gullible puppet. Fuck sun News!