Wednesday, March 6, 2013

American gun owners, be warned by the Canadian experience

The Canadian government, like that of Communist China, doesn't trust its citizens to have guns. That's a fact. The only people allowed to have firearms should be the police and the armed forces -- the agents the state uses to control ordinary Canucks. That's the plan.

Walt thanks Agent 17 for drawing our attention to a cautionary commentary by Brian Lilley, which appeared on SunNews back in January. Interestingly, although the link sent by our agent still works, the video itself no longer appears on the SunNews website. Is there something wrong with Ed.'s browser or is the ruthless Canadian "Ministry of Public Safety" trying to silence its critics? Fortunately, at least part of the video made it to YouTube. Here it is.

Agent 17 wanted to know if the story of Bruce Montague's prosecution by the Canadian authorities -- that should be in caps: AUTHORITIES -- is true. Yes, it is. But Mr. Montague is fighting back. Click here to go to his website, featuring details of the case and (more important) an analysis of how his treatment by the AUTHORITIES violates the Canadian Charter of so-called Rights and so-called Freedoms.

But this is nothing new. Back on the late 70s, one of Walt's own agents, kept a legally registered pistol in his office in Canada's so-called Province of Opportunity. Our agent was in the sort of business where it is not unheard of for malefactors and tortfeasors to show up on one's doorstep with booze in their bellies and mayhem in their minds.

That's exactly what happened one warm summer evening. When he heard heavy footfalls on the office stairs, our agent confronted the young punk and, apprehending an altercation, fired a warning shot across said punk's low brow. Guess who got arrested? You got it! Our agent spent a couple of nights in the county bucket and months in pre-trial detention before having several law books thrown at him by a judge who felt that our agent should have called the police, whose "local" office was some 15 miles distant.

Want more? Click here to read a similar story about New Brunswick resident Lawrence Manzer, who was (like our agent) charged with "possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace". There's a video report too. The title of the webpage is "Here's a reason to be ashamed to be a Canadian".

Dear readers, the argument against turning our countries into police states is old, simple and true. If your government succeeds in making it illegal for law-abiding citizens to have firearms for recreation and self-defence, the only people left in possession of guns will be the Agents of Control and, errr, the criminals to whom the law means nothing.

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