Sunday, March 24, 2013

Incredibly meaty burger from McDonald's China

Walt's agents in China -- actually it's McDonald's Chinese website -- report that in their quest to be richer, better...and fatter...than Americans, the Chinese have come up with a "meal" that out-bigs the biggest Bic Mac.

Are you ready for the Sausage Double Beef Burger? Never mind a slice of cheese or a rasher of streaky. This is two -- count `em, two -- beef (?) hamburger patties plus two gynormous schnitzengrubens (you've seen Blazing Saddles, right?) drizzled with mustard.

No rabbit food but you do get a bun, of sorts, apparently added as an afterthought. At least that's the opinion of Charisma Madarang [a name to conjure with! Ed.], writing in Food Beast.

It's available now at McDonald's in the more progressive parts of China. Sightings and tastings have been reported from Shenzhen, Hangzhou and of course Shanghai, whose denizens fancy their city China's answer to New York. "Fucking delicious", says James Griffiths in Shanghaiist.

Is this an original Chinese idea? [Or is "original Chinese idea" an oxymoron? Ed.] Apparently McDonald's offers something similar in Germany. According to McD's press office, the "Nuremburger" includes three Nuremberg sausages topped with crispy fried onions and mustard sauce.

The Sausage Double Beef Burger will cost you 17.50 yuan -- about $2.80 in real money -- plus the plane fare to China. If you eat enough of them, a one-way ticket should do you.

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