Sunday, October 7, 2018

UPDATED: VIDEO: Government-sponsored refugees trash Toronto hotel

This is an update to "Ungrateful 'refugees' destroy Canadian hotels", posted here on August 3rd. The video included with that one was produced by The Rebel media, and revealed the shocking way in which Syrian "refugees", brought to Canada by the Liberal government, trashed hotels in which they were put up, at Canuck taxpayers' expense.

Trouble with that video was that it had evidence, in the form of letters from hotel managers, but not much by way of actual photos or videos. In September, a trio of residents of Scarborough ON (aka Scarberia, the easterly part of Toronto) decided to go and have a look for themselves, to see if the troubles with the third-worlders had perhaps been exaggerated. Here's what they saw at the Radisson Hotel in Scarborough.

Some of the "refugees" sent to Toronto had been put up in dorms at some of Toronto's universities and colleges, but had to move out by August 9th, so the premises could be cleaned up -- no small task -- so as to be ready for students arriving to begin the new term. So the progressive Muslim-lovers running the country (and the city of Toront) pressured more hotels into taking more of the wretched refuse who Prime Minister Trudeau promised to welcome in his "tweet heard round the third world" following the election of President Trump.

The hotels were told they would be stuck with the dirty migrants for only one month, or two months max, as "permanent accommodation" would surely be found by the end of September. ("Permanent accommodation" for people whose right to remain in Canada has yet to be determined. How strange is that?!) Well, the end of September came a week ago, and the hotels were told that, errr, the unwelcome guests would have to stay another month, or two months max, because... well, you get the idea.

But don't worry, the hoteliers were told, all expenses will be covered by the government. Whether that includes the expense of cleaning, disinfecting and fumigating remains to be seen. Also to be determined is the question of compensation for the millions of dollars in business being lost when people check TripAdvisor and heed the warning to avoid the hotels which have been turned into hostels, with all that term implies.

UPDATED 12/10/18: CBC News reports that the Radisson Hotel at 55 Hallcrown Place, in the 401 and Victoria Park area of Scarberia (NE Toronto) was targeted in an arson attack on October 2nd. The hotel is "home" to 577 "refugees", none of whom was hurt or forced to leave by the small fire in a corridor, which was quickly put out. One "refugee" from Sudan said she believed the hotel was targeted because of the refugees staying there. "I know there are some small groups...," she said, "[who] are saying, 'They are taking our money, they are taking our taxes', just to give them a better life.'" Wonder if TripAdvisor or Trivago know about this.

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  1. Issues aside (and they are indeed significant), this hotel is located in North York, not Scarborough. Facts matter.