Thursday, October 4, 2018

VIDEOS: Trump emphasizes weakness of Ford's testimony. FBI report to find "no corroboration". Walt predicts Kavanagh confirmation

Triple headline today because I want to tie everything together so the inevitability of the confirmation of Brett Kavanagh as the next Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States will be apparent.

Let's start with President Trump's speech Tuesday night at a rally in Southaven MS. In the style of a trial lawyer addressing a jury, Mr Trump summarized the key questions and answers in the sworn testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, line by line, to show the total inadequacy of her recollection of the alleged assault for which Judge Kavanagh is being pilloried by the anti-Trumpers (whose real agenda is protecting Roe v. Wade and "abortion rights"). In case you missed it, here's the clip they're all talking about.

For speaking plainly and forcefully about the gaping holes in Ms Ford's story, POTUS is being criticized for being insensitive, callous, misogynist, yada yada yada. A Republican senator called his remarks "just plain wrong", without specifying (because she couldn't) what was wrong with what he said. Here's the response from the President's Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

This morning it appears that President Trump was not wrong to suggest that the whole Ford assault affair, the whole he-said-she-said circus is nothing more than a Democratic Party tactic to delay the confirmation of Judge Kavanagh, and, in spite of all the sturm und drang, a dog that won't hunt.

The New York Times claims to have spoken late last night with an unnamed official (surprised?) who was briefed on the FBI's investigation into the allegations of Ms Ford (and two others), who told them that the report, now in the hands of the White House, found no corroboration of the sexual assault allegations.

The unnamed official said the FBI contacted ten people but interviewed nine in total, and that the White House concluded that the interviews didn't support the allegations. The Wall Street Journal, citing people who it said were "familiar with the matter" also reported that the White House found no corroboration.

Seems to me that should be about the end of it, even for the Republican ladies and Senator Flakey. Ms Ford has had her 15 minutes of fame. The Democrats got their investigation, and it came up with nothing. Nada. Zip. It will be hard, now, for the doubters to vote against confirmation, which could come as soon as the day after tomorrow. Lifetime pct .988.

Further viewing: Down in The Remnant Underground, Michael Matt has a wholly different take on the Kavanaugh nomination hearings. What he calls the "witch hunt" is all about one thing: liberal America's commitment to human sacrifice and moral chaos. Watch and think!

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