Sunday, October 7, 2018

VIDEO: Bernier's People's Party of Canada 2019 campaign ad

As reported here on September 14th, Canadian Member of Parliament and disaffected Conservative Maxime Bernier, has formed his own party, the Parti Populaire du Canada / People's Party of Canada, and hopes to field candidates for the federal election (due in a year) in all 338 ridings. Being a good Boy Scout [Do they still exist? Ed.], Mad Max has already commissioned a series of TV ads for the campaign. Here's the first of them.

Dear reader... what you just watched was a SATIRE, done by the inimitable Jill Colton. But like all good satire, it is based on the truth. At least two of Walt's agents have already joined the PPC. If you're a Canadian and you like Max's ideas (and reject the Trudeau's Liberals and Scheer's alt-Liberals), go and do ye likewise!

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