Saturday, April 29, 2017

VIDEO: George Carlin says America is full of shit

Today the Toronto (Red) Star has published a list of what it claims are the 213 lies which President Trump has told since he was inaugurated. Even the American lamestream media have pretty much abandoned the daily anti-Trump rant, but not the Star. Poor dear snowflakes just aren't over it yet.

I didn't both reading the list, but feel sure some of what the Star calls "lies" depend on who's defining the "truth". Maybe there is no truth. And even if 212 out of the 213 statements or utterances turn out to be quasi-lies or total lies, did anyone expect anything else? American politicians -- indeed, all politicians, whatever their stripe or nationality -- are consummate bullshitters, and that's what people expect and accept!

What I just wrote is hardly an original thought. George Carlin said the same thing -- much more eloquently -- years ago. The politician he holds out as the archtype was not The Donald, but Bill Clinton. Check out this short video.

IMHO, America is a "full of shit country"! That's why it's so important, right now, to stand up for freedom from political correctness, freedom of speech and freedom of thought! "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." (George Orwell)

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