Sunday, April 9, 2017

UPDATED: Swedish cops confirm truck attacker a failed asylum-seeker, wanted to move to US or Canada

Told ya so! OK, I didn't spell it out in so many words, but my post "'Allahu akbar!' again; Sweden's turn this time" implied clearly [sez you! Ed.] that the perpetrator of the death-by-truck attack in Stockholm last week would turn out to be yet another crazed follower of the Prophet. Unable to maintain a politically correct silence on the murderer's nationality and religion any longer, Swedish cops today confirmed that the suspect, a native of Uzbekistan, was a rejected asylum-seeker, who eluded authorities' attempts to deport him by giving police a false address. Walt's lifetime pct .991.

Jan Evensson of the Stockholm police told a televised news conference that the 39-year-old Muslim's request for a residence permit was rejected in June 2016, but police couldn't find him to send him back to his native country because he was not at the address he had given. A warrant for his arrest had been issued on February 24th.

For some reason [like political correctness? Ed.] the cops still refuse to name the killer, even though his photo, taken by a security camera, is all over the media. I'll go out on a limb here and predict that when his name is finally released [if ever. Ed.] it will be something like... wait for it... Mohammed. Lifetime pct still .991.

A spokesthingy for Sweden's national police said, "We know [the unnamed suspect] has been sympathetic to extremist organizations." Today, Swedish prosecutors arrested a second person in connection with the truck attack case for suspected crimes against the nation and were holding four other people. Yet another spokesthingy told AP, "A person suspected of terrorist offenses by murder has been arrested." She did not give any further details about the new suspect. Want my prediction on this one or have you already figured it out? Lifetime pct still .991.

UPDATE ADDED 10/4/17: Mounting media pressure finally forced the Swedish cops to identify the 39-year-old Uzbek who mowed down 19 innocent people (4 killed, 15 injured) with a stolen beer truck as Rakhmat Akilov, who was previously denied permanent residency in Sweden. [Looks like you lose the bet on his name. Ed.] Never mind that! There's more...

Mr Akilov was reportedly following a Facebook group that offered information on how to emigrate to the United States and Canada. He also followed pages calling for the ouster of former Uzbek President Islam Karimov. Mr Akilov was detained by the police in a Stockholm suburb at 2100 local time on Friday. He is alleged to be "sympathetic to the Islamic State." Lifetime pct .990.

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