Saturday, April 22, 2017

1000s of Taliban fighters allowed into Germany as "refugees"

Thanks to Angela Merkel's wrong-headed and discredited policy of Willkommenskultur (= Be nice to the poor oppressed Muslims), 1000s of former (?) Taliban fighters may have entered Germany over the past two years among an influx of more than a million "refugees", asylum-seekers and other "migrants". So reports Der Spiegel today, in "Tausende afghanische Fl├╝chtlinge bezichtigen sich selbst als Taliban".

This is not supposition or an educated guess. No less an authority than the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) has admitted to security officials that 1000s of migrants had identified themselves as former Taliban insurgents during the asylum application process. The Bamf added that at least 70 Afghan men were being investigated by Germany's chief federal prosecutor, though it was not clear whether all of them were suspected of being active Taliban militants. Six are being held in investigatory detention and preliminary court hearings involving several others are due to start next week, the magazine added.

Chancellor Merkel's government is under fire -- excuse the expression! -- for allowing in so many migrants, especially after several militant attacks which have been linked to people yelling "Allahu akbar!". In response, the government has stepped up the deportation of rejected Afghan asylum seekers. Frau Merkel said that "only" about 55% of Afghans were granted refugee status in Germany, while 45% were turned down. So everything's all right then. Nothing to worry about. Alles is gut!

FOOTNOTE: Not all the Taliban are in Germany. 10 or so of them, disguised in Afghan army uniforms stormed a military compound in the Balkh province of Afghanistan, killing about 10 dozen (120) real Afghan soldiers. The attackers, in two separate military vehicles which they had somehow obtained, told guards at the gates that they were carrying wounded soldiers and therefore immediately needed to enter the site, according to Reuters. Click here for latest from Fox News.

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