Wednesday, April 5, 2017

"1984" -- Is it an anti-Trump polemic or what?

Walt had to wash his hair yesterday, so didn't attend "National Screening Day", celebrated by snowflakes across the USA, but also in Canada (of course), and Sweden (ditto). The brainchild of (((Dylan Skolnick))), co-director of the Cinema Arts Centre on Long Island (more of course), and (((Adam Birnbaum))), director of film programming at the Avon Theatre Film Center in Connecticut (more ditto), National Screaming Day was to have featured the simultaneously showing in 200 cinemas worldwide of George Orwell's dystopian classic, 1984. Why? To protest against President Donald Trump...of course.

In a crisis of angst following the US presidential election, Messrs (((Skolnick))) and (((Birnbaum))) began talking about organizing a film event to express how they felt about the new administration. Mr Skolnick told Al Jazeera [Isn't that the Arab news network? Jews working with Muslims? Huh? Ed.] that he realized 1984 would be "the perfect film to show given the current political climate in the US".

The trouble with that notion is that the prophesy of 1984 came true about a decade or two ahead of schedule. It has nothing to do with the present administration or the holder of the highest office in the land. Ed. has found the trailer for the movie. Click on the right arrow, beside "info", at the top right corner, to make the video fill the window. Running time 3 minutes.

1984 takes place in a world consumed by war and ubiquitous government surveillance. The unnamed state -- one of three great powers who are locked in a never-ending three-cornered war -- is under the control of "The Party", also unnamed. It doesn't matter whether it's Republican or Democrat, Communist of National Socialists. Independent thought, indeed individualism itself, is illegal. The "Thought Police" monitor every publication, every utterance, every action of the citizens. There is no privacy and no freedom. Political correctness is mandatory. Deviant thinkers and deviant thoughts will be punished...and eliminated.There is no privacy and no freedom.

"Big Brother is watching you" is the byword, summing up perfectly the subjugation of the individual to the state. And that's the real prophesy, not just for America but for Russia and China, and every nation in the so-called civilized world. If you don't believe it, try standing on a soapbox in your neighbourhood park (if your neighbourhood has one) and proclaiming your true feelings about race relations or the Muslim civil war or any subject you like, and see what happens.

Since it's too late to reclaim from the ubiquitous, iniquitous state our freedoms of action, speech or even thought, Walt presents, as a public service, five rules for survival in the state described in today's world (as foreseen in 1984).

1. Don't think.
2. If you think, don't speak.
3. If you think and speak, don't write.
4. If you think, speak and write, don't sign your name.
5. If you think, speak, write and sign your name...don't be surprised.

You're welcome...comrade!

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