Monday, August 18, 2014

Top MO cop says Ferguson chaos is going to "make us better"

It's been a quiet week in Fort Mudge, where the men are good-looking, the women are strong, and the children are just about average. Garrison Keillor beat you to that lead-in. Ed. OK, it's been a quiet weekend in Fort Mudge, but not so far away, in Ferguson MO, things just go from bad to worse.

Walt is checking out reports of yesterday's protests and demonstrations. When not busy looting stores and throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails at the cops, the protesters are chanting for "justice", meaning, it would seem, "justice" for Michael Brown and only Michael Brown. If there were any justice for the looters they'd be shot on sight. But of course that would be yet another example of Armerican racism, since the looters are 99.99% black.

Last night's curfew seems to have been more or less observed, perhaps because the looters were sleeping off their hangovers after the effects of Saturday night's looted hooch wore off.

Or maybe the rabble were in church, listening to the "Reverend" Al Sharpton rouse them. Here we see a picture of the Rev coaching Michael Brown Junior's parents -- Michael Brown Senior and Lesley McSpade [Ed., please check spelling.] -- to make sure they've got their stories straight about what a good boy "Junior" was.

Too bad that the videos and still pix released by the Ferguson P.D. give the lie to the contention that the young man was nothing more than a hulking innocent -- a "gentle giant" as one speaker called him. He didn't look so gentle beating on the shopkeeper as he stole the box of cigars.

But really, you know, it was bad of the cops to show those pix. An NAACP spokesthingy appeared on TV to call doing so "posthumous character assassination". And Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called the publication of the pictures -- the veracity of which is unquestioned -- "unhelpful", which is what liberals always call any message which disagrees with their party line. He said the release of the footage "appeared to cast aspersions" on the dead man -- tsk tsk! -- and "made emotions raw".

That was just before Governor Nixon called out the Missouri National Guard, to restore order, which the militarized police and state patrol had failed to do. Sure. When the paramilitary types can't get the job done, call out the "real" military.

Mr. Nixon's speech wasn't helpful either. Walt wonders if the gov has any feeling at all for the reality of life in places like Ferguson. But today's award for proficiency in putting lipstick on a pig goes to that Master of Political Correctness, Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Patrol. Preaching at a Ferguson church, he said "We need to thank the Browns for Michael.... It's gonna make us better.... Let's continue to show this nation who we are.... We need to thank Michael for his life [and for] the change he's gonna make.... I'll stand tall wichya and I'll see ya out there!"

Click here to see the video clip [preferably before eating. Ed.] and ask yourself, was this helpful? Yeah, Ron, see ya on the street!

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