Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Double Darwin: couple falls to death while posing for holiday photo

This is Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Portugal, thus of Europe. Walt's Portuguese is a little rusty, but I believe the name means "Cape of Rocks". Very apt. And below the rocks is the Atlantic Ocean. Busloads of tourists visit this point every day, to have their pictures taken standing at the end of the civilized world.

You would have to be pretty stupid, though, to climb over the guardrails to get even closer to the brink, so as to have a more spectacular shot. But sure enough, a holidaying husband and wife -- estúpidos turistas, as they're known in Portuguese -- fell to their death on Saturday while posing right at the edge of the cliff, so their kids (ages 5 and 6) could take their picture.

According to the Portugal Resident, the couple fell about 450 feet to their deaths, as their children looked on in horror. Although the website says they were from Lisbon, other media have identified them as Polish. [No comments, please. Ed.] Their bodies have yet to be recovered.

Cabo da Roca is a famous spot for photo ops, and this is reportedly not the first time visitors have fallen to their death in similar circumstances. However, originality is not a criterion for Darwin Awards, and this couple richly deserves a Double Darwin.

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