Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ferguson MO: La loota continua!

Walt doesn't usually run more than one picture per post, but the race riot -- for that's what it is -- in Ferguson MO deserves more. These three, from the online edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, tell you all you need to know about race relations in America, or at least in this typical mid-west American city.

The first two were taken at the QuikTrip in the 9400 block of Florissant Road. We see members of the black underclass -- for that's what it is -- helping themselves to whatever they can carry away. Why? To protest racism and police brutality of course.

Notice that the young buck pictured here is wearing the traditional baggy pants costume of his people.

When all the mess is cleaned up, and the stores are boarded up, leaders of this "community" will doubtless be heard complaining that there's nowhere to buy food or clothing or anything else because the racist white business establishment is disciminating against their 'hood.

And here's the response of the establishment. The Post-Dispatch says the police, now turned into soldiers, are firing teargas. Walt is no expert, but the weapon being aimed by the cop (soldier?) in the centre looks more like an assault rifle. Yes, just another example of racist police shooting at poor innocent black folks.

Click here to see the entire gallery from the Post-Dispatch. La loota continua!

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