Monday, August 11, 2014

Is swimming nude at the beach an act of terrorism?

A group of people who live near a "clothing optional" beach in Penticton BC have started a petition asking the city and police to ban nudity on the beach. The fight for space on the beach began at the end of May, when the owners of a piece of property where "naturists" had been swimming and sunbathing for decades blocked off the area, saying the nudists were trespassing and scaring off prospective buyers.

Since then, the nudists have occupied an area of the public beach adjacent to the property, drawing the ire of some people who live nearby. Dennis Roszell, who owns a home across from the beach, claimed the nudists are deliberately intimidating the public with their actions.

Walt doesn't see what all the fuss is about. After all, these folks have their hats on! But (in an e-mail from Alberta, where he actually lives) Mr. Roszell said, "The nudists have actually perpetuated their blatant crimes to a point of terrorist activity and should be convicted of terrorism."

Another neighbour, who didn't wish to be named, said "We feel if we don’t do something about it now it’s only going to get worse." So he and other neighbours composed a petition which began circulating last week. It calls for "immediate action" and a sign that reads "No nudity allowed on 3 Mile Beach."

"It’s a really huge concern in the community," said another local resident. "Families and the public are no longer able to enjoy the place because there’s a bunch of people sitting there with their pants off."

Everyone on Three Mile Road signed the petition, he added, except for one man who is himself a nudist.

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