Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Les français patriotes marchent contre le fascisme islamique

The demonstration shown in this video was totally suppressed by the politically correct lamestream media in France and elsewhere. It has only recently received some exposure in North America through CBN via YouTube.

What you'll see here is a patriotic march, held in Paris on November 12th, in support of French culture and French (read "Christian") values and against continued Muslim immigration and Islamic fascism.

Aux musulmans et ceux qui crient "Célébrons la diversité", ces patriotes français disent: Si vous souhaitez vivre sous la charia avec des voiles et du halal, allez donc vivre dans un pays musulman. Ils sont nombreux: Iran, Irak, Egypte, Afghanistan. Vous avez l'embarras du choix. Mais laissez la France aux français!

Let it be remembered that the Islamization of France was predicted back in 1959 by the greatest Frenchman of the 20th century, Charles De Gaulle. See "Charles De Gaulle warns about Muslim immigration", published here in August, and consistently in our top five most-read list ever since.

A bit of trivia: Vexillologists (people who study flags) will recognize la Croix de Lorraine on one of the flags displayed near the end of the video. 

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