Friday, December 21, 2012

Hank Williams sings about Armageddon

Agent 88, who lives in the Far (and mysterious) East, reports that the sun rose as usual this morning. Therefore I expect to see it rise over the treetops of Fort Mudge in another hour or so. The world hasn't ended today. Lifetime .pct. 986.

But that doesn't mean we should stop thinking about it. As the preacher says, it's got to happen sometime! II Peter 3:10 tells us:
The day of the Lord shall come as a thief, in which the heavens shall pass away with great violence, and the elements shall be melted with heat, and the earth and the works which are in it, shall be burnt up.

Are you ready? Seeing then that all these things are to be dissolved, what manner of people ought you to be...? II Peter 3:11.

OK, I won't preach at you. But I'll share a really obscure old song by Hank Williams Sr. (aka Luke the Drifter), called "The Battle of Armageddon".

For those who collect old vinyl -- maybe even old 78s -- I understand this was on the "B" side of a not-so-great hit called "Window Shopping".

The Battle of Armageddon, the final cataclysm that ends the world as we know it, was not just foretold in Holy Scripture. Our Lady of Fatima almost certainly talked about the last days in the Third Secret of Fatima, which still has not been fully revealed by the Vatican.

As Holy Mother Church "celebrates" the 50th anniversary of Vatican II -- the council that did such serious damage to the Catholic Church -- Walt would like to remind his Catholic readers of something that was said by the seer Malachi Martin, in a radio interview with Art Bell in 1998.

"The [central element of the] real Third Secret is...awful. I have no authority to [reveal it]. I can't make that decision... It would have such dire effects, on much more than Christians. The Cardinal who showed it to me had been present at a meeting with Pope John XXIII to outline to a certain number of Cardinals what should be done with the secret. He, John XXIII, thought it would ruin his ongoing negotiations with Khrushchev and the Kremlin."

Note from Walt: Please read "How the Vatican sold out to Communism".  Back to Malachi Martin...

"On October 11, 1962, at the opening of Vatican II at St. Peter's, John XXIII derided most contemptuously the people who he called 'the prophets of doom,' and there was no doubt in our minds that he was talking about the prophecy of Fatima. He was against that. What is in the secret...horrible! ...essentially, the onslaught of natural powers...terrible catastrophes, chastisements, and that's not the essence of the 3rd secret; it's not the frightening one."

"I have no authority, no angel has tapped me on the shoulder, I may be putting my foot in my mouth... Besides, it's a question of shock, of frightening people, of polarizing society. I can't do that... This will fill up the confessionals on Saturday evening. It will fill up the churches with worshippers striking their breasts."

Click here to read these and other excerpts from the Art Bell radio interview with Malachi Martin.
Further reading on Armageddon: "What if the Mayans were out by a month?"

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