Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How the Vatican sold out to Communism

In a just-released article in The Catholic World Report, journalist Edward Pentin examines why the Second Vatican Council failed to issue an explicit condemnation of Communism. Has lifted the veil of mystery over the omission, citing the findings of an impressive list of reputable Church historians: Father Norman Tanner, Roberto de Mattei, Christopher Gillibrand, Edmund Mazza and Jean Madiran.

This omission was not just allowed to happen, but actually approved by two of the Conciliar popes -- John XXIII and Paul VI -- who we now know had read the Third Secret of Fatima. Cardinal Woytyla, later to become Pope John Paul II, also had a hand in the sell-out to Moscow, although whether he had seen the Third Secret at this point is in not known.

Mr. Pentin refers to Jean Madiran's book, The Metz Agreement, which describes how the Vatican effectively sold out to Communism, at a secret meeting in 1962 between Cardinal Eugène Tisserant and the Russian Orthodox Metropolitan Nikodim, who was in fact an agent of the KGB.

The Vatican's policy of making nice with the Reds has become known as Ostpolitik, and has been denounced for decades -- literally -- by the devotees of Our Lady of Fatima, led by Father Nicholas Gruner, Christopher A. Ferrara, and John Vennari.

Ostpolik -- the bastard child of Cardinals Sodano, Casaroli and now Bertone -- explains such aberrations as the Vatican's tolerance of the schismatic and heretical Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association, which actually persecutes and imprisons priests and bishops of the true "underground" Catholic church.

For their pains, the "Fatimists" have been labelled "conspiracy theorists" and worse. But Mr. Pentin quotes Sr De Mattei as asking, "Were those who denounced the brutal oppression of Communism in the Council, calling for its solemn condemnation, prophets? Or were those who believed, as the architects of Ostpolitik, that it was necessary to come to an agreement with Communism -- a compromise -- because Communism interpreted humanity's anxieties over justice and would have survived one or two centuries, improving the world?"

The author of Il Concilio Vaticano II -- Una storia mai scritta concludes, "If the Second Vatican Council would have condemned Communism, it would have helped accelerate its decline. The opposite occurred."

Our Lady of Fatima knew it. She told us that unless Her request for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart were granted, the errors of Communism would spread throughout the world! And so it has come to pass.

Mr. Fentin quotes Professor Mazza as calling "the loss of the transcendent" -- the secularization of our society -- the worst of the errors. "What  has happened over the last 50  years? The errors of atheism and socialism, a world without God, has 'Marxized' the world so that we're ready to embrace socialism if it's couched in the right terms." Precisely what the Communists wanted!

Good Catholics, you must read this article! It is of the utmost importance in understanding what's going on in the Catholic Church today. Through Ostpolitik, the Church got into bed with the Communists; now it can't get out!

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