Thursday, January 18, 2018

German pro-migrant politicos cringe as Afghan asylum-seeker charged with brutal rape-murder

This is Maria Ladenburger -- the late Maria Ladenburger, the daughter of Dr Clemens Ladenburger, a German lawyers who works as an assistant to the legal director of the European Commission. Fräulein Ladenburger, who lived in Freiburg, Germany, was the victim of a brutal rape and murder. She was 19 years old.

A spokesthingy for the local police told a press conference last month that the pretty medical student had been at a party in October. She left around 0237 to cycle home, when she became "the victim of a sexual offence and a violent crime." She was raped and then drowned in the River Dreisam, where her body was found on 16 October 2017. Her black scarf was discovered on the riverbank, and a single strand of dark hair that had been partially dyed blonde was found in a blackberry bush.

DNA from the hair and the scarf were run through the police criminal database, but no matches were found. Detectives then turned to CCTV footage in the town and the surrounding area where the young woman was found. Video footage taken on a local streetcar showed a young man who had what police said was "a very conspicuous hairstyle, an undercut hairstyle", with a portion of his long hair dyed blonde. They arrested a teenage asylum-seeker whose DNA matched that found at the crime scene.

Fräulein Ladenburger volunteered at a home for "refugees" in her spare time, but it is unclear whether she ever met her murderer before he took her life. The German public prosecutor handling the case said the suspect, who had been taken in by a local family who believed in Angela Merkel's "Willkommenskultur", confessed to the murder.

Police are now trying to establish if he may be responsible for the death of another girl in the area. Carolin G., 27, was raped and murdered at the beginning of November while jogging in Endinge, just 18 miles away from Freiburg. Connecting the unnamed yoof with that crime will be difficult, as detectives found no DNA evidence at that crime scene.

Interest in this story has been revived this month as Chancellor (pro tem) Merkel struggles to put together a coalition government, after the rising tide of anger at her open-door refugee policy resulted in huge gains in last September's election for the anti-immigrant Alternativ für Deutschland (AfD) party and a drastically reduced minority for Frau Merkel's Christian Democratic Union.

Other parties, including the CDU's erstwhile ally, the CSU, are demanding drastic changes to Germany's immigration policy. One of the major issues which they seem unable to resolve is the suspension of the policy of reunifying refugee families. The person who killed Fraülein Landenburger was one of 1000s of young Muslim men from the shithole countries of the Middle East and North Africa who came to Germany as unaccompanied minors. Crime among such young men has spiked as the tidal wave of "refugees" washed over Europe.

Now leading criminologists commissioned by Frau Merkel's government have produced a study arguing that family reunification would be an effective method to counteract crime among young migrants. The solution, then, is to bring in their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins -- millions more unassimilable Muslims to be welcomed into das Vaterland. Reaction to the plan, even within Frau Merkel's own CDU, has been distinctly cool.

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