Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Following up on the Abdis: Said who?

Not long after we posted the story about the two Abdis -- Somali Muslim "refugees" biting the Canadian hands that welcomed them -- Agent 3 sent us this photo of a young man wanted by Toronto cops on a Canada-wide warrant.

Ubaid Said, age 21, of Toronto (maybe), is wanted connection with the deaths of Nasurdin Nasir, 26, and Terrell Carr, 24 last week in the same part of the so-called Greater Toronto Area where Adam Abdi went on a shooting spree -- make that "sprees" -- earlier this month. Mr Said is wanted on two counts of second degree murder and two counts of attempted murder, according to Toronto police.

Although they provided this photo, they declined to say anything about Mr Said's ethnicity, religion, or status in Canada. Agent 3 thinks it's not impossible that Mr Said, as well as one of his victims, might be a "refugee" from the shithole named in our earlier post.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr Said is asked to contact Canadian Border Services so they can help him with application for permanent resident status.

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