Tuesday, January 2, 2018

AfD parliamentarian's account blocked for anti-Muslim Tweet

Canada has its M-103 (full title: Motion 103), passed in March 2017 by the ruling Liberal Party in collusion with the pinkish NDP over the objections of the Conservative opposition. The brainchild of a Muslim MP representing a minority majority riding in the so-called Greater Toronto Area, it is (in theory) only a non-binding motion of the Canadian Parliament calling on the federal government to condemn Islamophobia in Canada. It also calls for the collection of data on "hate crimes" and a study on how racism and religious discrimination can be reduced. and collect data on hate crimes.

Although M-103 is only a motion, and doesn't carry the force of law, Canadian governments at all levels and the (((controlled media))) treat it as law requiring censorship of any negative reference to Islam or Muslims, particularly in connection with terrorist attacks or other crimes. This leads to such absurdities as the refusal of Canuck police to identify a man who, last month, walked into a bank in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan, with explosives strapped to his torso, demanding drugs and a telephone call to President Trump. See "Canuck cops cover up terror attack outside Toronto", WWW 15/15/17. The uncle of the now-deceased attacker said the man was an immigrant from Iran, and yes, a follower of the Prophet.

Citizens of more sensible nations [like the Excited States of America? Ed.] may laugh at the self-loathing of Canadians (see Further Reading, below), but the let's-be-nice-to-Muslims-and-maybe-they-won't-kill-us policies of other countries are even worse. Take, for example, Angela Merkel's Germany.

Walt trusts that his readers have not forgotten how, last New Year's and the New Year's before that, gangs of Arab and African yoofs -- Muslim asylum-seekers, "refugees" and other migrants -- rampaged through the streets of Köln (Cologne) and other German cities molesting, robbing and raping Aryan women. See "Happy New Year (II) ! 100s of 'Africans' detained in Cologne", WWW 1/1/17 and "Trump warns Germans after asylum-seekers' sex and crime spree", WWW 8/1/16.

This year, die Polizei decided to forestall the expected repetition of the Islamists' demonstrations of appreciation for their hosts' Willkommenskultur by issuing New Year's greetings in Arabic. "Peace on earth" and all that. This expression of brotherly love was met with responses of "Piss on you!" and others too vile to post in Walt's family-oriented blog.

Among those who thought this gesture of of accommodation was unnecessary and ridiculous was Beatrix von Storch, a prominent lawmaker with the nationalist Alternativ für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany) party, who Tweeted, "Do they think they will calm the barbaric, Muslim, group-raping hordes of men this way?"

No good deed goes unpunished, and no politicall incorrect Tweet goes uncensored in the Fatherland. Frau Storch's innocent question resulted in her Twitter account being blocked for several hours yesterday over a suspected breach of rules on hate speech -- Germany's much tougher version of Canada's M-103.

Inspektor Katzenjammer said this morning that his storm troopers ["officers", shurely! Ed.] were filing a criminal complaint to prosecutors over "suspected incitement". He did not say against whom the complaint would be filed. Walt suspects it will be against those who expressed outrage at the barbaric behaviour of the poor mistreated Muslims, not at the Muslims who provoked the outrage. Such is the strange death of European civilization.

Further reading: "5 decades of liberalism turns Canucks sour on themselves", WWW 28/6/17. Walt's Canadian buddy, Poor Len Canayen, fulminates about M-103, white liberal guilt, and why the Great White North isn't great or white any more.

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