Thursday, October 26, 2017

The irreversible browning of Canada

Assiduous readers of WWW will know that I habitually refer to the huge landmass north of the world's longest undefended border as the Great Not-so-white North or the Great No-longer-white North. I have been accused of exaggerating the degree to which Canada has been changed by the mass immigration encouraged by its governments (both Conservative and Liberal) over the last half-century. Data from the 2016 Census released by Statistics Canada this week show that I was right. Lifetime pct .991.

The decennial head count found that 21.9% of the Canadian residents counted are immigrants, the highest percentage in 85 years. And, I venture to say, the actual percentage is higher still, since the hundreds of thousands of migrants living in Canada illegally are unlikely to have filled in the census forms. StatsCan itself, if it were honest, would concede that the lowest rates of completion of the questionnaires were in the ethnic enclaves (read: ghettos) of Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal.

The naïve Canucks -- correction: the Canuck government -- accepted 1.2 million new immigrants between 2011 and 2016, with another 300,000 expected to have arrived by the end of this year. 60% of them were "economic migrants" -- the desirable (?) kind -- with the remaining 40% being allowed in under the "family reunification" programme -- less desirable -- or as "refugees" or asylum-seekers or "irregularly admitted", the kind of people the majority of Canadians have said they don't want to "welcome" to their country. See "Majority of Canucks think government 'too generous' to asylum-seekers", WWW 15/9/17.

By far the largest source of new immigrants (over 60%) come from Asia, including the Muslim Middle East. Africa has now surpassed Europe as the second-most important source, with folks from the Dark Continent (including Muslim North Africa) increasing to 13.4%. Here's how the numbers look in graph form.

Syria now ranks as the seventh biggest source of immigrants, thanks to the tens of thousands of refugees -- almost all Muslim -- welcomed by Junior after his election in the fall of 2015. In 2011 it was ranked 50th. Africans have to be counted among the immigrants from "other countries", since they hail from a number of different countries. The majority of them are not from sub-Saharan Africa, but from the Arab countries of north Africa, who are accepted by the Québec government because they are French-speaking. From Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt, Canada gets such upstanding citizens as Omar Khadr and Muayyed Nureddin, Abdullah Almalki, and Ahmad Elmaati (see footnote).

Although it asks about religion and ethnic origin elsewhere in the Census, StatsCan (and the Ministry of Immigration and Refugees) doesn't record these details for new immigrants, so it's just possible that some of the 41,480 who came from Pakistan might be Christian and white, although I wouldn't bet on it. (Lifetime pct .991.) But from the country of origin data, it's easy enough to extrapolate a "colour profile", so that the vizmins (= "visible minorities") can be identified and celebrated.

If you're a white Canadian, you might feel relieved (if you're the credulous type) when your government tells you that only 22.3% are "visible minorities" (read: non-white), even though that proportion is set to rise to over a third within one generation. You're still in the majority, right? Errr, no. It depends where you live. Another datum from the 2016 Census confirms that Canada's largest city, Toronto, is now a "minority majority" city, meaning that whiteys like you are now outnumbered by the dark-complected types who inhabit neighbourhoods like Dixon. See "Why no-one wants to take in Somali 'refugees'", WWW 16/10/17.

What I find most striking about the census data released yesterday is the comparison between the Canada of 2016 and the Great White North described in the Census of 1971. Here's the last (and most depressing) of the three graphs which Ed. has copied from CP, which got them from the StatsCan documents.

In 1971, fully 89% of the immigrants counted in the census came from Europe and the USA. Most of those would have been white. By last year, the percentage coming from Europe and the USA had shrunk to 31%, and more of those are non-white, having spent some time in the USA or Europe before moving to Canada. "Refugees" who apply to come to Canada from Germany (for instance) are counted as coming from Europe, not Syria or Afghanistan (for instance).

If you're a white Canadian -- perhaps one of the "white flees" who have escaped the ghettos of the GTA for the greener (whiter?) pastures of Grey County -- you will find the numbers from the 2016 Census depressing. It's not hard to see the trend. What's depressing is that it's too late now for the browning of Canada to be stopped. A half-century of liberal rule and white liberal guilt have done irreversible damage.

Even if the Canuck welcome mat were pulled back under the door tomorrow, the fecund third-world immigrants -- especially those who don't believe in birth control and abortion -- will pop out about 2.5 brown babies for every white baby. If you're a young, white Canadian, and want to keep living in a white community, you'd better start thinking about emigrating to... well... errr... eastern Europe perhaps -- someplace whose people still believe that European Christian civilization is the acme of human development. And good luck to you!

Recommended reading: The Strange Death of Europe, by Douglas Murray
(Bloomsbury Continuum 2017).

Footnote: Turns out Omar Khadr wasn't the only soldier of the Prophet to become instant multimillionaires, courtesy of Canuck taxpayers. CBC News reports that Junior Trudeau's Liberal government has paid a total of C$31.25 million in settlements to three Muslim Canadian men "wrongfully accused of links to terrorism and tortured in Syria and Egypt" after being fingered by the Mounties and Canada's alleged spy agency." Muayyed Nureddin, Abdullah Almalki, and Ahmad Elmaati [What? No "Mohammed"? Ed.] will split the windfall, nearly $25 million in real money. That makes a total of over C$40 million paid out so far this year to four Islamists who were lucky to get the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. I'm sure the forefathers that fought for this country weren't fighting to have it the way it is now and to speak about it, its now a threat to be sued

  2. Complaining about immigration isn't going to change anything. Religion isn't either. People are mad that Canada is allowing immigrants into the country but that is not the root cause of the problem. It's the education and standards that people bring with them from other countries. Canada should focus on creating a course for immigrants teaching them Canadian norms and standards before they are allowed into the country so they can better fit in with our ideal societal values.

  3. @ Anonymous - Agent 3 told me the Liberals are dragging their feet on approving a new "citizenship manual" to replace the one the Harper government put in place to do what you are suggesting. And let's not forget that youo can't teach those who don't wish to be taught.