Thursday, July 6, 2017

Canada to pay Muslim terrorist C$10.5 million for killing US soldier

This story broke earlier this week. I'm commenting only today because at first I couldn't believe it. I'm only just now getting my head around it.

The man on the right is Omar Khadr -- Canadian citizen, Muslim fanatic, former "child soldier" fighting with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The man on the left [appropriately. Ed.] is self-styled "global citizen" Justin Trudeau, son and heir of Pierre Himself and now Prime Minister of the Not-so-great Not-so-white North.

Justin Trudeau is an Islamophile -- not an Islamophobe but an Islamophile, meaning he loves Islam and the followers of the Prophet. It seems he never met a Muslim he didn't like (especially those who vote), including Omar Khadr. So great is the regard that M Trudeau and his alleged government have for Mr Khadr that they are about to give him C$10,500,000 (= over $8 million in real money) in "compensation" for having his "Charter rights" violated by the governments of Canada and the USA. (No word yet on whether the American government will be asked to pony up part of the loot.)

What happened is this. Although only a lad of 15, Mr Khadr was able to raise a pretty good crop of chin whiskers, so immediately when to the Middle East sandpit to join his fanatical Muslim brethren in the fight against the evil Christian crusaders. In July of 2002, following a firefight at a suspected al-Qaeda compound in Afghanistan, American troops captured the badly wounded Islamist, who, they claimed, had thrown a grenade that killed Sgt. Chris Speer, a medic with the US special forces. Mr Khadr was shipped off to Guantanamo Bay, where, in 2010, her pleaded guilty to charges that included the murder of Sgt. Speer, and was sentenced to a further eight years in custody.

Almost before the door slammed on Mr Khadr's cell at Gitmo, the usual gang of snowflakes and SJWs in Canada and the USA started demanding his release. He was only a child, they said. He was being tortured, they said. (He later said he confessed just to get out of Guantanamo Bay.) His civil rights were being violated, the Americans said. His Charter rights were being violated, the Canadians said, and he's a Canuck, so shouldn't be in the USA at all. Thus the start of the "Bring Omar home" movement.

After years of litigation and negotiation, Omar Khadr was finally returned to Canada in 2012 and sent to a maximum-security prison. He was grated bail in May of 2015, pending an appeal in the USA of his military commission conviction. The appeal is still pending. Meanwhile, as part of the litigation just referred to, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2010 that Canadian intelligence officials obtained evidence from the poor lad under "oppressive circumstances", such as sleep deprivation, during interrogations at Gitmo in 2003. Worse still, they shared that evidence with American officials. The horror!

Also meanwhile (in 2004) Mr Khadr's lawyers filed a C$20-million lawsuit against the Canadian government, arguing it had violated international law by not protecting its own citizen and, worse yet, conspired with the US in the wrongful imprisonment and abuse of the young Muslim "victim". The "abuse" may have included giving him nothing to read but the Holy Qu'ran and Playboy. Whatever... the Conservative government of Steve Harpoon stoutly resisted the lawsuit, but now that Mr Selfie is in power, things are looking up for the poor oppressed Muslims of Canada and the world. Very much so for Mr Khadr, who will get just over half of the amount claimed in his suit, plus the customary profuse apology.

Amidst this incredible perversion of justice, there is one small ray of sunshine. In 2015, in an American court, Sgt. Speer's widow won an award of $134.2 million for wrongful death. Her lawyers have filed an application in Canada for enforcement of that judgment, as well as an injunction which would divert any money given to Mr Khadr to her and Sgt. Layne Morris, who was blinded by the same grenade.

Mr Khadr, meanwhile, is out of jail, and is reported to be studying to become a nurse. Paying tuition won't be a problem for him, and I expect that on graduation he will do the right thing and volunteer to join the Canadian forces in Iraq, perhaps as a medic. Yeah.

If you find the payout to Canada's newest multi-millionaire offensive, SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION put up by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. Over 50,000 disgusted Canucks have done so already (noon today). The Gliberals have a long history of ignoring public opinion because as "progressives", they know what's best. But who knows? Maybe this time.

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