Friday, July 28, 2017

VIDEO: "Allahu akbar!" - Muslim fanatic attacks Hamburgers

Having just got over three days and nights of riots coincident with the meeting of the G-20 talking shop, the police in the German city of Hamburg let down their guard (figuratively and literally) this week. Sure enough, today brought yet another attack on innocent "infidels" by a crazed Muslim fanatic.

One Hamburger -- that's what residents of Hamburg are called -- was killed and four others bloodied and wounded this afternoon in a rampage inside a supermarket in the Barmbek district. Yelling "Allahu akbar!", the attacker stabbed a 50-year-old man, killing him, then stabbed and wounded another six as he ran from the scene. Witnesses followed the man and alerted die Polizei, who quickly subdued the assailant and placed him under arrest. Here's one of the witnesses describing what he saw. (English subtitles. List of good websites at the end.)

Herr Inspektor Katzenjammer fed the meeja the usual PC line that "the motive is not yet known". What is known is that ISIS has been urging its followers to use knives or vehicles in order to facilitate more attacks and Germany has been the site of past Islamist incidents. The German newspaper Bild and an eye-witness to the assault said the man yelled "Allahu Akbar" during the bloody spree.

In keeping with recent custom, the attacker's name, nationality, ethnicity, religion and/or immigration status were not been immediately revealed by the German authorities. However, Reuters reported a few hours ago that the killer was a 26-year-old migrant, born in the United Arab Emirates, who was supposed to leave the country but could not be deported "because he did not have the necessary identification papers."

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