Sunday, March 12, 2017

VIDEO: Pastor asks Pope Francis, "What's wrong with you?"

Walt is not quite ready, when writing about the sayings and doings of Jorge "Francis" Bergoglio, to put the word "Pope" in quote marks, but every week, every day brings me nearer to that point. A couple of weeks ago the Holy Father told a bemused world that no religion is terrorist. The laughter had hardly died away when, a few days ago, the Pope said that in his humble opinion -- Francis is the soul of humility, remember -- sincere atheists and agnostics are better people than wishy-washy Christians. And they can go to "the place of happiness" too. So there.

What, I wonder, is wrong with Pope Francis? Is he suffering from senile dementia? Or is he truly hell-bent (I use that adjective deliberately) on overturning two millennia of Christian theology so as to corrupt the Faith of millions and destroy Holy Mother Church? I hope and pray it's the former, for God will remedy that in His good time.

I am not the only person asking that question. Even non-Catholics are wondering what's wrong with Pope Francis? Here's a very short video of Rev. James David Manning, Pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary Church in Harlem, who points out the total contradiction between what Pope Francis is saying and what true Christians believe.

Dear Catholic readers, please pray for Pope Francis, that he may accept the correction and direction of God, and to Saint Michael the Archangel that he may defend Holy Mother Church and protect all who believe and teach the Faith of our fathers. Amen.

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