Friday, March 3, 2017

Is Zimbabwe's Comrade Bob Mugabe dead or just sleeping?

In yesterday's post in which I shared a story from Dr CZ about the desperation of life in today's Zimbabwe, I included a link to an earlier piece in which Graceless Mugabe, Comrade Bob's wife, was described as "widow-to-be". No sooner had Ed. got it up (the post, I mean) but I saw an article on the (Zimbabwe) NewsDay website headed: "Mugabe in fresh health scare".

A follow-up today says that NewsDay editor Wisdom Mudzungairi and reporter Richard Chidza have been arrested on charges of undermining or insulting the President of Zimbabwe, an offence that has been on the books since people started making fun of the name of the wretched country's first president -- Canaan Banana. Seriously. That was his name. He was only a figurehead president for the first couple of years of independence. As Prime Minister, Comrade Bob held the real power. Then he decided he didn't need a figurehead and made himself "executive president".

The NewsDay journos were arrested because of what they wrote about the President for Life (or Until Next Week -- whichever comes first) having been spirited out of the country, rushed to his doctors in Singapore for further treatment for prostate cancer or for some medical emergency. Perhaps he choked on a piece of birthday cake.

Whatever the problem is, merely mentioning it is "undermining or insulting the President", in the eyes of Zimbabwe's rulers, hence the arrests of the NewsDay newshounds.  Their lawyer, Obey Shava of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, confirmed that the duo, together with Alpha Media Holding legal assistant Sifikile Thabete, handed themselves at Harare Central Police Station where they were summoned to report to the Law and Order department. The trio have since been released into the custody of their lawyer.

Walt wonders whether, if Comrade Bob dies in Singapore (lifetime pct .992), the charges against The NewsDay Three will be dropped? Perhaps that depends on who succeeds him. Queue his lovely wife Graceless, last heard at his birthday bash in Bulawayo muttering "Let him eat cake..."

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