Monday, March 6, 2017

100s of Muslim invaders pour through swiss cheese-like Canuck border

"Welcome to Canada" signs are being hurriedly torn down at small towns adjacent to the porous US-Canada border as hundreds of bogus refugees trudge through unfenced, snow-covered fields and woods to take advantage of Canuck leader Justin Trudeau's Statue of Liberty moment. Following the announcement of President Trump's travel ban, The Hair Apparent tweeted, "We are now the beacon of hope for desperate refugees." [I love Canadian beacon. Ed.] Much to no-one's surprise, scores of Muslims who have already found refuge in the USA are taking him at his word.

What started as a trickle -- see "Welcome to Canada, Syrian refugees!", WWW 8/2/17 -- looks like turning into a flood as the cruel Canadian winter grudgingly gives way to spring. [No more purple prose, please. Ed.] Post turtles (see yesterday's post) have descended on places like Emerson MB to encourage locals to welcome the unassimilable foreigners while they (the politicians) figure out what to do to stem the flow while preserving Canada's image as a tolerant society.

The Mounties, Canadian Border Services (sic) and immigration officials (headed by Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship -- himself a Somali Muslim refugee) have been "running scenarios" to come up with a strategy to repel the Muslim invaders without being seen to do so. The results of their talk-fest will be put before the Canuck cabinet tomorrow.

Buried in official announcements and pronouncements is the fact that they have been looking at links between distinct groups of border-crossers that give the lie to the SJW propaganda that all these poor "refugees" are being pushed into Canada by the volatile political climate south of the border. Speaking to Canadian Press off the record, two government minions confirmed hat many of the people coming into Québec hold US visas issued at the American embassy in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. These visas were obtained to use the US as a transit point to get to Canada and claim asylum, all this being planned long before the November election.

Hundreds of new claims for asylum are being fed into an already clogged system, forcing M Trudeau's Liberals to put more resources into the refugee determination process and the agencies that dole out free houses, free medical and dental care and other benefits to poor "newcomers" who otherwise would have only their gold and jewellery to fall back on.

Chris Friesen, director of settlement services for the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia told Canadian Press, We are the endpoint." While President Trump's executive order may be pushing people into Canada, he said, the Trudeau government's repeated messaging on welcoming diversity and immigration is a pretty strong pull factor.

Not much can be done to stop the border-crossers, said Ward Elcock, who advised the former Conservative government on illegal migration after years running Canada's spy agency. Showing the insight for which Canucks are famous, he suggested that Canada keep talking to the Americans to find the source of the problem. Still, he admitted, no matter how many enter through illegal crossings, some voices will try to make it a political issue. "It is seen as, you didn't control the flow of people into the country," he said.

The view from the front line -- from the men and women of Canadian Border Services -- is not quite as sanguine as those expressed by Messrs Friesen and Elcock. Jean-Pierre, president of the Customs and Immigration Union, which represents border officers, says Canada should create a 300-person team to patrol the areas between official ports of entry, comparing the current situation to "swiss cheese". Yesterday, he told CTV's Question Period that his members say the number of illegal crossings is higher than what officials admit publicly. "The frontline officers are actually the ones giving me the numbers and they're slightly different. They're higher right now...."

"The RCMP doesn't have the resources", he said, "and what we're asking the government at this point in time, we want to make sure that we should be closing that gap. We should have border guards actually patrolling these [areas]." The Canadians who live in places like Emerson MB and Lacolle QC couldn't agree more!

UPDATE 8/3/17
Nineteen asylum seekers — two Tuesday night and 17 on Wednesday morning — were rescued while trying to cross the Canada-U.S. border during a winter storm near Emerson, Man., the town's reeve says. Greg Janzen said one person suffered a broken arm while making the trek through a bitterly cold storm that brought snow and high winds to Manitoba. Wednesday's group included a pregnant woman and children. Click here to read the story on the CBC News website.

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