Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Walt's solution to the threat of terrorism

Walt would like to see the latest annual report of the Department of Homeland Security. (It may be available online somewhere, but Ed. is too lazy to look. Or maybe not. Maybe it's "classified", or even "top secret".) Walt would like to know how many terrorists -- imported or domestic -- they've apprehended in the last year. Walt would like to know how they spend billions of taxpayers' dollars and yet are unable to prevent incidents like the Boston Marathon bombings.

Here is my offer to the Department. For just a small fraction of one year's allocation -- let's say 10% -- I will show you how to drastically reduce the likelihood of further attacks on America and Americans.

Ed. tells me I should present my plan for free, for the common good, and trust the Prez to compensate me once the benefit of my foolproof strategy is realized. OK then...

What America should do, to get the Islamic extremists off our backs, is leave them alone.

Follow Ron Paul's advice* and put an end to our foreign adventurism and entanglements. Bring the troops home. All of them. Let the USA get out of the Middle East and the ROTW entirely. Let the Shites and Sunnies and Wasabis fight each other, if they get off on that kind of thing, and good luck to them.

Do I hear objections? Yes, you wrapped in the Stars and Stripes... "Americans can't run from a fight!" I hear you bray. My dear patriot, Walt is not talking about running from a fight. Walt is talking about running to a fight!

If America is attacked, certainly she must defend herself. But there has been no attack on the landmass of the USA in nearly 200 years. [Don't mention the War of 1812! Ed.] It's the bellicose United States that keeps invading such threats -- to "world peace", not America directly -- as Grenada, Cuba, Mexico, the Philippines, Libya [That's enough. We get it. Ed.]

Another cavil? "What about the security of our [sic] oil supply?", asks the gentleman from Texas. "What if there isn't enough gas for my Hummer?"

Dear guzzler, do you really believe that Iran or Iraq or Libya, if left to themselves, would refuse to sell any more oil to their biggest customer? And even if they did, there are other sources. Canada, for instance, has all kinds of oil it would be happy to ship south if the econazis would cease their sky-is-falling squawking about the Keystone pipeline. Getting oil is never going to be a problem for the USA. (Lifetime pct .980.)

So there you have it, gentle readers. Leave them alone and they'll stay home. And Americans can stop living in fear. You're welcome.

* Recommended reading: "Ron Paul to John Kerry: Foreign Interventionism Bankrupts America and Turns the World Against Us".

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