Friday, April 19, 2013

Don't call in an air strike just yet!

Events are moving so quickly in Boston that Walt has to get up earlier than usual to learn the latest. Could the FBI not manage to make arrests during the daylight hours so we could turn off the TV and get an uninterrupted 8 hours zzzzz?

OK, seriously, the breaking news is that the FBI, police et al. have shot one of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings -- "the one in the black hat" -- and are closing in on the other. These are (or were) the two backpack-toting men whose pictures were released yesterday afternoon.

It is not clear whether anyone has asked either of them any questions, but asking before shooting wouldn't be the American way, would it. Besides, as one blogger wrote yesterday, they look like the kind of people who would do that kind of thing!

And what kind of people would they be? Chechens, that's what kind. So that explains it. Oh, you don't know about Chechens? When they're at home, they occupy a tiny republic on the north border of Georgia. [The other Georgia -- the one in Asia. Ed.] The language they speak is Chechen [Well, DUH! Ed.]  And the religion of most Chechens is... wait for it... Islam.

Just as we assume (but will never know for sure) that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone when he shot JFK, let's assume (but will never know for sure) that these two Chechens were foreigners living in the USA and acted in concert to perpetrate the outrage at Boston. And let's assume they are (or were) Muslims. Why did they do it?!

The new leader of the Canada's Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau -- son of Himself -- may have read Walt's post of Tuesday, for he dared yesterday to express the view that there are lots of people, including native-born Americans, who have a bone to pick with the supremacist policies of the US government. He argued that the motives of the bombers needed to be understood and considered, for until their grievances -- real or imagined -- are addressed, America and Americans will continue to be the target of terrorists both overseas and right around home. (That's Walt's paraphrase, not M. Trudeau's actual words.)

Canada's Bully-in-Chief, Stephen Harper, begged to differ. [Oh c'mon. Harper would never beg! Ed.] Apparently Mr. Harpoon belongs to the George W. Bush school of (semi)thought. It doesn't matter who they are or why they did it, he said. Stand up for America, hit them hard and make them pay!

We should be thankful that Steve only heads the government of Canada, rather than a truly powerful nation, otherwise the B52s would likely be en route to Chechnya even as we speak. Walt trusts that Barack Hussein Obama will show a little more restraint. Perhaps he might even read Walt's analysis and have a little think about the unintended consequences of his dubious foreign policy.

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